Overview and Rules | Submission Categories


Overview and Rules


The Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) is proud to continue the search for excellence in precast, prestressed concrete structures with the 51st annual PCI Design Awards. The purpose of the PCI Design Awards program is to recognize design excellence and construction quality using precast concrete. There is no entry fee to make a submission.

All winners will be showcased at the PCI Convention and National Bridge Conference and be included in a summary article that appears in PCI Journal, and Aspire and Ascent magazines. Together, these publications reach more than 65,000 industry stakeholders. We encourage you to take advantage of this great opportunity to showcase your project!

Entries are accepted in two primary categories: buildings and transportation structures. In order to qualify, the structure must be substantially constructed using precast concrete. For buildings, this includes precast concrete cladding systems (architectural precast), structural systems, or combinations of both. For transportation structures, this includes all types of bridges and other related components; however, the precast concrete must have been manufactured in a permanent precast concrete manufacturing plant. See more details on submission categories in the following paragraphs. For more information on entries, to obtain required information, or to begin making your entry, click on either “Buildings Submissions” or “Transportation Submissions” on the left-hand menu.


There are many attributes that associated with High Performance Structures that precast concrete inherently provides or contributes to.  Submitters will be asked to identify which high performance attributes precast concrete provided or contributed to for the project.


In addition to the primary categories, there are three special categories for which projects may apply: the Harry H. Edwards Industry Advancement Award, the All-Precast Solution Award, and the Sustainable Design Award. You may enter for these awards via either submission-entry site. Please note that projects applying for these special awards must meet all eligibility and entry requirements for their submitted structure type and that additional information relative to the special award applied for must be submitted. For more information on the Special Awards, click "Special Awards" on the left-hand menu.

How to Make a Submission

Entries are made electronically by visiting the submission website and clicking on the link for the appropriate structure type. Once you enter your project information and click the "Submit" button, you will receive a passcode. Use this passcode to add or change information until the submission deadline of May 20, 2013. All photos, attachments, and the like must be uploaded by the deadline. Incomplete submissions will NOT be accepted. Winners will be notified by late July 2013.

Note: It is strongly encouraged that you review the “Guidelines to Submitting” document for your entry type (Buildings or Transportation) before making your entry.  These can be found on the “Buildings Submissions” or “Transportation Submissions” pages by the actual submissions links.

If you have any questions, please contact Brian Miller at bmiller@pci.org or Jennifer Peters at jpeters@pci.org. We look forward to your submission!



All entries are required to first select a structure type. There are two options for structure type: buildings and transportation. Entrants must select the appropriate use category from Table 1. These selections will be entered on the electronic submission form.


To qualify for this award, the structure must be substantially constructed using precast concrete manufactured in a PCI-Certified or CPCI-Certified plant. This includes precast concrete cladding systems, structural systems, or combinations.

Use Type


Parking Structures PS
Commercial and Entertainment  
  Office OF
  Retail RT
  Stadiums and Arenas ST
  Convention Meeting Facilities CM
  Theaters TH
  Mixed-Use MU
  K-12 Schools SC
  Higher Education HE
  Justice & Correctional CO
  Government & Public Buildings GP
  Military  M
  Religious  R
  Health Care HC
  High Tech & Laboratory HL
Housing & Residential  
  Single Family SF
  Multifamily* MF
  Hotels/Motels HM
  Senior Living SL
Industrial & Warehouse  
  Warehouse/Storage/Distribution  WD
  Manufacturing/Food Processing MF
  Data Centers DC
Custom Solutions  ZZ

*Includes condos, apartments, and student housing



To qualify for this award, the precast concrete used in the project must have been manufactured in a PCI-Certified or CPCI-Certified plant.

Use Type


New or Replacement Bridges  
 Main span up to 75 feet long TA
 Main span from 76 to 149 feet long TB
 Main span more than 150 feet long TC
Rehabilitated Bridge
Qualifies when at least a portion of   the superstructure remains from the original bridge
Non-Highway Bridge
Includes pedestrian, bicycle or snowmobile, railroad, transit bridges
Special Solution Transportation
Related structures such as soundwalls or bridges that have one or more of the following as a key feature: precast concrete bridge approach slabs; precast concrete deck panels; precast concrete footings, abutments, piers, or railings; the bridge has been moved as a complete structure into its final position