“The precise architectural precast concrete elements provide an interesting shadowing effect as the sun changes against the impeccable white chiseled finish.”

Alejandro Fastag,
CEO of Pretecsa


Best Mixed-Use Building

Eurocenter in Santa Fe, DF, Mexico

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The Eurocenter II in Santa Fe, Mexico, is the central element of one of the nation’s largest mixed-use urban development projects, and designers wanted to be sure it stood out. So they used precast concrete to create a stunning visual effect that also delivers energy efficiency and cost savings to the project.

The design features 1300 architectural precast concrete mullions with white marble aggregates combined with hundreds of glass shades to create a precast concrete-and-glass web across the front and back of the building. The design incorporated a shading system that is manufactured in concrete without blocking the magnificent views this location offers, with smoothly finished precast concrete panels on the sides to complete the structure.

The chisel-hammered precast concrete elements, which measure up to 226 ft2 (21 m2) each, were arranged randomly to add visual appeal, says Alejandro Fastag, CEO of Pretecsa, the precast concrete producer for the project. Separation of the precast concrete panels from the glass and aluminum enclosures required architectural finishes on all four surfaces of each concrete element so the inside view of the precast concrete became part of the scenery.

“This requirement had to be solved with a very clean hidden anchoring system so that only perfectly white chiseled concrete was shown from every angle,” Fastag says.

Along with offering aesthetic appeal, the precast concrete design helped the owner achieve schedule, durability, and sustainability goals.

“The vertical mullions solved the required energy efficiency and short schedule requirements with a spectacular attractive facade,” Fastag says. “By manufacturing the elements outside the jobsite, it allowed for precise alignment and reduced jobsite complications for these visually freestanding elements.”

The exposed granite aggregate and highly textured skin will also require minimum maintenance in a finish that will last for decades. “The project is a tribute to precast concrete and a clear example of the efficient use of precast panels designed with an innovative and artistic vision,” Fastag says. “It is a place where the plain and the artistic meet in a beautiful solution, adding energy efficiency and natural shading to this transparent looking building.”




Owner: Collective Ownership, Santa Fe, DF, Mexico
Architect: TEN Arquitectos, Condesa, DF, Mexico
Precaster and Precast Specialty Engineer: Pretecsa, Estado de México
Contractor and Engineer of Record: Geométrica Developers, Bosques de las Lomas, DF, Mexico 
Project Size: 85,304 ft2 (7925 m2)