Special Awards

Three optional award opportunities are available in addition to the primary entry categories. These are the Harry H. Edwards Industry Advancement Award, All-Precast Solution Award, and Sustainable Design Award. A separate submission is not required. These are cross-category awards. Parking structures, for example, can compete with office buildings or bridges in these special categories. All submission rules for the PCI Design Awards program also apply to entries considered for these special awards, with these additional requirements:

For the Sustainable Design Award, please see additional submission requirements.
If needed, include drawings, sketches, and construction photographs to aid the jury in understanding the outstanding use of precast concrete or of your entry in this award.

Harry H. Edwards Industry Advancement Award

Entrants in the program may also choose to have their projects considered for the Harry H. Edwards Industry Advancement Award. The purpose of this award is to showcase fresh, uninhibited concepts that hold the potential to move the industry to the next generation of technology for industry, materials, products, processes, and applications.

All-Precast Solution Award

Entrants in the program may also choose to have their project considered for the All-Precast Solution Award. This award recognizes the structure in which the owner’s needs were best achieved by the selection of an essentially all–precast, prestressed concrete system.

Sustainable Design Award

Entrants in the program may also choose to have their projects considered for the Sustainable Design Award. PCI seeks to promote green building and infrastructure, which incorporates environmental considerations in every phase of the process, including design, construction, and operation. The purpose of this award is to encourage the construction of responsible, innovative designs that are sensitive to the environment while meeting the needs of the public, owner, or occupants. Buildings need not be LEED certified to qualify.

Sustainable Design, additional information

  1. List all green goals or owner project requirements for this project and a short explanation of how they were achieved.
  2. Submit a short narrative on any green/sustainable modifications to your typical plant processes and procedures that were required for this project.
  3. Provide a breakdown of all LEED points achieved (if applicable) in this project, as well as a short description of any points that precast concrete contributed to the attainment of.
  4. Describe the sustainable attributes that precast concrete added to the project.
  5. Describe any up-front and ongoing collaboration among team members.
  6. List any lessons learned related to working on a green project.